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Food Intolerance Testing

Food intolerances stem from a sluggish and inefficient digestive system. As toxins build up, damage to the intestinal tract can allow partially digested particles of food to enter the bloodstream, our body then misidentifies these as dangerous and triggers our immune response, giving rise to various symptoms.

* feeling tired all the time * feeling sleepy after a meal * IBS * indigestion * diarrhoea * constipation * craving certain foods * abdominal bloating * migraine * headaches * depression * PMS * joint pains * sinus problems * runny nose * hay fever *asthma * frequent colds * poor concentration and memory * skin rashes/eczema * itching * hyperactivity in children *

Using kinesiology where there may be food and chemical sensitivities is simple, painless and immediate. Nutritional advice and dietary planning, along with kinesiology therapy could help to restore good health naturally.


Food Intolerance

Nutritional Advice

I have used kinesiology with clients who have possible nutritional imbalances in the body. When we are stressed or ill our digestive system doesn’t work as efficiently as it could, so we may not be extracting the nutrients we require to keep our bodies healthy. This in turn stresses the body and the digestive system so creating a destructive cycle.
We are what we eat and at different times in our lives – puberty, illness, under stress, the menopause – nutritional needs change, so information and guidance on how best to nourish the body through these different stages helps us to help ourselves.